Engaging stories, compelling cinematography.   Covering your filming requirements on land, underwater, and from the air.    4K acquisition and documentary production from concept to delivery, for clients worldwide.


Underwater cameraman Dave Abbott filming off the Poor Knights Islands in New Zealand


pelagic pufferfish schooling in bluewater © Dave Abbott, Liquid Action films


Documentaries      Destination tourism media     Unique Commercials    Environmental films   Outdoor reality programming     Production stills

Powerful story-telling, beautiful cinematography and carefully crafted narration to capture and engage viewers from the first frame to the last!

the beautiful Glaucus, a pelagic nudibranch that lives in oceanic blue water © Dave Abbott


Whether shooting for the big screen, television or commercials, we bring all of our hard earned knowledge, experience and extensive network of contacts to any project, ours or yours.

The Liquid Action team have the production facilities and creative experience to produce documentary and commercial projects from concept through to completion;- from originating unique and engaging stories to pre-production research, scripting narration, story-boarding, talent selection, shoot logistics, underwater, topside and aerial cinematography, editing and post production; our team have what it takes to produce compelling, engaging programming.

Liquid Action are also Stock Footage suppliers, and have a huge library of stunning underwater, topside and aerial footage in HD and 4K.