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DAVE ABBOTT, Producer/ DoP.

Director of Liquid Action Films, Dave Abbott, is a specialist underwater and adventure-sport cameraman/producer who has been filming underwater since 1997. 

Over and above his topside filming assignments Dave averages anywhere between 100 & 300 filming dives a year, and location shoots have taken him to places as varied as Papua New Guinea, Africa and the deep south of New Zealand. 

Daves cinematography has been featured on programming around the world on subjects as diverse as tagging Great white sharks, Kiwi conservation,

extreme sports, arctic adventures, giant eels and current affairs.  

As well as freelancing for overseas production companies Dave is an independent producer with a number of documentary projects on the go at Liquid Action Films, in various stages of development. 


Patrick Monahan, Editor, Avid suite.

30-years editing experience beginning in 1974 with the National Film Unit.  Credits include Smash Palace ;- Assistant Editor/Video Inserts, Skycraine, Heart of the High Country Leading Edge, Black Beauty, DeadCerts, Greenstone- the series, Von Temsky’s Ghost, Cave In,  and Post Production Supervisor on ‘What becomes of the broken hearted’.


Gordon Miller, Editor and Graphics FinalCut Pro

Gordon is a guru in graphic design, motion and video graphics, editing and illustration. His work in motion graphics has enabled national client companies to promote themselves on a world stage, and include movie trailers played throughout NZ and globally via the web.

On-call Team:

We also have a group of ‘on-call’ specialists on the Liquid Action team with a broad range of skills and experience to bring to specific assignments;- from a Helicopter and Microlight pilot to Commercial skippers, a ROV pilot [Remote operated vehicle], Technical divers (rebreather) experienced Safety Divers and Rigging specialists.

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