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Shooting and producing creative video campaigns to promote unique destinations is something we pride ourselves on: – creating images that speak to people and  video that engage and inspire ..whether for television or social an​d digital media.

Resort jetty in Zanzibar ©Dave Abbott


We know that your brand or business is also your passion, and our focus is to share that passion with your customers;- to share your story and communicate the heart of your brand, – what makes you unique,  so that you can really engage with your target audience.



As a seasoned traveler to wild and exotic locations all over the world, Dave is well-versed at distilling what is special about a destination through video and images, ..singling out colour and culture, landscapes and wildlife, local character and lifestyle.  Dave focuses primarily on ‘off the beaten track’ destinations with something unique or unusual to offer; – conveying what makes them distinctive and extraordinary.

Our creative team weave this content into an integrated campaign spanning a range of media platforms dependent on your goals and budget, helping you showcase your destination and connect with your target audience.

huge school of Reef sharks in the blue waters of Fakarava Pass in Tahiti, © Dave Abbott
Alaskan lakes from the air

TRAVEL MEDIA – OTHER:-  (still-images, text content, social media)

If you require mixed media content for destination campaigns that incorporate not only video but also still-images, feature articles web and social media content etc, Dave has 15 years experience travel writing for a range of magazines and print media. With a huge background of world travel to compliment his story-telling abilities, Dave is able to deliver well-written, polished and effective travel features and photo essays to compliment any destination campaigns.


‘MINI-MENTARIES’: (short documentaries)

Short, concise video stories are a fantastic way to build followers and create brand continuity –shaping ongoing stories carrying your ‘message’ that people will want to follow and ‘share’ with others.

These ‘mini-mentaries’ are ideal for social media campaigns to promote specific projects, profile business expertise, destinations, or showing products being used in real world situations, – helping your brand stand out from the crowd.

Although they are only 1/20th the length of a feature film they can deliver the same emotional punch, the same impact and effectiveness in a much shorter duration.  “Short films are like ants. Small but able to carry 5,000 times their body weight”.   They are perfect for cost-effectively distilling the essence of a brand, product or destination, and can be used across multiple media platforms.

wreck of a Japanese Zero underwater, PNG, © Dave Abbott


Mahi Mahi © Dave Abbott


Whether it is to introduce your target audience to a new brand, or re-invent an existing brand, we can create innovative, original campaign media to make your business stand out.

We can shoot and produce campaign media across all mediums, on land, in the air and underwater, in HD or 4K, and deliver on time and on budget.

If you have a product or concept that is cutting edge and want to promote it in an unconventional way, talk to us about moving into a new dimension; ..the 3-D world of underwater. This liquid universe is a fantastic medium for communicating concepts and emotions in a fresh new way, … engaging with your target audience against a backdrop of spectacular colour, light, and form; surreal and beautiful creatures, fine detail and silky-smooth three-dimensional motion.

As an experienced and creative underwater DoP, Dave can bring another dimension to your next ad campaign through this mostly untapped ‘new’ medium.