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If you are looking for a particular wilderness location, scenic backdrop, wildlife event or animal species – whether underwater or on land, take advantage of our knowledge and experience and let us find exactly what you are looking for.  We can not only locate and evaluate potential shoot locations for you but also provide trial footage for you to view before making a decision.

If you are making a documentary, as well as finding great locations we can also take the guesswork out of finding specific creatures and events for you.

If we don’t already know, we will research and locate where to go and when to be there in order to get what you need.  Dave has a vast network of contacts around the globe, from marine scientists, field researchers and biologists, to outdoor guides and local experts in all sorts of disciplines.

In addition to helping you realize your original idea, we may also be able to identify further possibilities you had not already considered.

Flying into Alaska by Bushplane
aerial drone image of the Sugarloaf off the Poor Knights islands © Dave Abbott


Dave Abbott filming in New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands

As well as location scouting we can arrange permitting, equipment hire and field logistics:- from specialist crew and to vehicles/ vessels/ internal flights and accommodation. Being based in New Zealand we have an extensive network of contacts and resources around the country and can maximize time out in the field shooting the sequences you need.

Although based in NZ we are available for work all over the world (map link), and are only 25 minutes flight or 2.5hrs drive from New Zealand’s largest international airport, giving us easy access to Australia, and the Pacific, with all of the region’s renowned filming locations.

If you are working to a tight budget, it can often be more cost-effective for your production to let us shoot specific sequences for you, rather than investing significant time and money obtaining visas and permits, flying in a full crew and equipment, hiring vehicles, paying for accommodation etc …and potentially having that crew waiting out bad weather in a hotel.

Underwater production? – Dave has 20 years of underwater filming experience and has dived extensively around the world, from the cold waters of Canada to the tropical waters of Papua New Guinea. For projects in the New Zealand region he has a comprehensive knowledge of local marine ecosystems, marine species and filming locations, and an on-call dive team who are familiar with NZ weather and working conditions.

Whatever your project we can help you formulate a realistic shoot plan and budget that will give you the best opportunity of achieving your filming goals successfully and cost-effectively while meeting safety requirements.