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Documentary production is where our heart lies, using beautiful images and carefully crafted narration to tell fascinating stories.

We enjoy shooting and producing any story that has the capacity to captivate an audience, but especially those that incorporate underwater and or wildlife themes and an interesting human angle; …particularly documentaries exploring the lives of quirky underwater creatures and the passionate and sometimes eccentric people who work with them.

Through the complete process of scripting, shooting, editing and production, we can develop a germinating idea into a coherent and interesting story.

Environmental Productions

We have a lot of experience working with and producing resources for environmental agencies and government departments, whether for advocacy  campaigns or informative/educational productions on subjects from biodiversity to threatened species and habitats.

We are familiar with working in remote, cramped and difficult conditions, -from boats to offshore islands, temperate to tropical locations, and are able to shoot underwater and terrestrial subjects equally well. 

As wildlife cinematographers we have a ‘non-invasive’ style of filming and are accustomed to working around the animal and human subjects of a story with minimal disturbance to either; an important factor!

Still Photography

As well as cinematography we are also able to shoot high quality still images both topside and underwater according to a clients needs. 

We hold a library of stunning underwater images from New Zealand and South Australia, and will shoot to order if you have a particular requirement you need filled.

A note for NGO’s: [Non profit organisations]:

Liquid Action Films Ltd operate a commercial stock footage library, licensing the ri reproduce our footage and images to cover the significant cost associated with capturing footage in the field, and as such we require a fee for all image use.

However, we recognize the efforts of non profit organizations to protect and educate, and want to help nurture an interest in our planet -particularly in our marine environment.

As such we provide library footage to genuine non profit organizations at a discounted rate, with that rate depending on how the footage is used, and reflecting a realistic price to cover our basic costs, so that supplying the footage does not become a liability to us. 

If you are a non profit organisation have a set budget or would like to propose a fee below standard commercial image charges please email us with your proposal and we will work with you to come to a fair and reasonable rate.

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