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Editing Equipment
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Editing & Production


Liquid Action Films offer a complete post production service for television programming, broadcast documentaries and DVD productions.

Our editors operate on both Finalcut and Avid suites, and we have a researcher-scriptwriter, professional voiceover talent and graphics editor available, enabling us to work with you to produce a polished, professional result.

 Editing and Production

We also offer in-house graphics and animation, solid research and skilfully worded scripts to complement the vision, - ensuring the viewer is drawn into the action and gains a vivid and real appreciation of the story.




Location shoots :

We have a range of Full HD cameras, audio and lighting equipment - including kits perfectly -suited for remote-location shoots where space and weight is critical, and camera drones for aerial work.

We also have more specialist equipment for underwater and action sport shoots,   [see below]. Any additional equipment the assignment requires we are able to hire as needed.


Specialist Equipment

As well as ‘regular’ assignments, Liquid Action Films is focussed on being able to provide clients with a mobile and efficient crew for specialist underwater and actionsport coverage, remote location filming, and specialist filming applications. 

Our equipment includes professional underwater housings and underwater lighting systems for High Definition cameras plus:

We also have ready access to several charter vessels from 6-12m; helicopter [R22] for aerial footage, a Microlight for low altitude filming, an ROV with skilled operator, and a range of diving and adventuresport equipment and crew.

Contact us for rates and a quote on your specific job requirements

Email   : info@liquidactionfilms.com
Mobile : Mob. 0274 300 555

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