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We specialise in underwater productions, and have vast experience filming all kinds of marine life in both tropical and temperate waters, - from Great white sharks to tiny nudibranchs.

As well as shooting natural history subjects we also film dramatic re-creations, TVC's and all types of underwater documentaries and features. 

We shoot High Definition using Canons new XF300, - these are BBC approved for full HD broadcast production, and shoot 1920 x 1080 HD at 50Mbps in 422 colour space, providing a beautiful crisp image with stunning colour rendition.

We have high-tech, 8000 & 6000 Lumen LED underwater lighting systems, and a range of other camera and housing set-ups, additional 12V light systems, waterproof pole cameras and tow-cams for capturing every possible combination of in-water, on-water and underwater sequences!

As usual we can take projects from pre-production through shoot, edit and post production stages to deliver you an effective and polished finished production.



Liquid Action's underwater cameraman - Dave Abbott is highly experienced in this specialist field, spending an average of 100-200 days a year in' or underwater. 

Constant immersion in the aquatic environment gives him a solid understanding of marine life behaviour and the complexities of filming underwater and in-water ..whether for documentary, commercial or feature film. 

Dave has probably spent more time in the water filming NZ great white sharks than anyone on the planet.



       (a requirement for commercial film work in NZ)


Underwater Direction: - we know what is possible underwater/ in-water, the physiological considerations and limitations imposed while working underwater…how long it is safe to be down, how many dives can be done per day, - how deep for how long.

Safety and Support: we provide experienced underwater crew/ rescue divers for added talent safety as required by OSH , as well as support divers to handle lighting & cables, qualified boat skippers, and experienced lifeguards.

Location scouting: if you are looking for a particular underwater scene/ backdrop/ waterscape…whether freshwater or marine, we can locate, evaluate and provide trial footage of suitable sites.

Consultancy:  - on marine ecology and the environment, underwater lighting, and the extra filming possibilities achievable in a 3-dimensional environment.

Actor doubles/ crew : we can provide experienced underwater crew for ‘actor doubles', or alternatively train actors to move properly underwater -a real consideration for smooth looking shots and continuity.

Scripting checks : We can ensure authenticity with recognised dive practises and physiological possibilities, lending extra realism to underwater sequences, we can also provide professional advice on behaviour and location of specific marine life.


The Liquid Action team is also able to offer more specialist free-diving camera work for specific applications where SCUBA is impractical; for example blue water footage of highly mobile creatures such as whales, dolphins and pelagic sharks, as well as coverage of spearfishing, swimming and freediving.


Our cameraman are competent freediver's able to descend to 25 meters and stay down for 2- 3 minutes . If circumstances demand our dive cameramen also carry unobtrusive ‘pony' tanks as a back-up, allowing the extra bottom time necessary to get the shot.

Past freediving assignments have included filming legendary bluewater hunter and freediver Terry Maas, South African spearfishing champion Len Jones, the 2004 NZ Spearfishing Team, and several New Zealand Freediving National meets and records being set.

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