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Read on for a few stories about past and current filming assignments and other random adventures around the world as I get time to look back through my shoot notebooks and write them up.. from  assignments filming bears in the heart of Alaska to underwater shoots in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand filming Crocodiles and White sharks, – from thoughts on camera equipment to handy travel tips in the field …stories of successful shoots and others that have gone wrong!  – grab a coffee and scroll down 🙂

..heading up a SE Alaskan inlet
..dreaming of owning a Supercub 🙂



…you can also check whereabouts Dave has filmed around the world on our  WORK MAP – just scroll down below the slider to see locations images and a short description of different film assignments!

Flying into Alaska by Bushplane
..flying into the Wrangell Mtns in Alaska
Underwater cameraman Dave Abbott holds up a Giant freshwater lobster while on a filming assignment
..filming  Giant lobsters in Tasmania
..a cheeky seal pup giving me the eye!


divers in Fiordland with Black coral trees,© Dave Abbott, Liquid Action Films

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