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Dave Abbott has been a cinematographer and DoP for nearly two decades, filming around the world in locations as diverse as Africa and the Arctic, from the mountains of Alaska to the tropical waters of Papua New Guinea and documenting iconic wildlife both above and below the water – from Grizzly bears to Humpback whales and Great White sharks.

As a wildlife cinematographer Dave has a ‘non-invasive’ style of filming and is accustomed to working around both animal and human subjects of a story with minimal disturbance to either; an important factor when working with talent in the field.

Although regularly shooting land-based projects Dave has specialised in underwater cinematography since 1998, spending 2-decades and thousands of hours filming underwater life in both temperate and tropical waters… shooting sequences for documentaries for many of the world’s top broadcasters, including National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, NHK and PBS.

Fascinated by all marine life both big and small, Dave is never happier than when underwater with a camera in his hands and a challenging filming goal to achieve.

Over the course of his career he has filmed stories on Great White sharks, Orca, Crocodiles, Nautilus, Giant Cuttlefish spawning, shipwrecks, Manta rays, Giant freshwater eels, Giant Pacific octopus, Marine reserves, Scientific research expeditions, rebreather diving, freediving records, Giant squid dissections and much more, – for both Liquid Action Films projects and major broadcast clients all over the world.

Aside from a love of wild animals and wild places, his driving motivation is to increase people’s awareness and respect for wildlife and habitat through his cinematography, stories and images.  (For more about Dave’s backstory and ‘life before filming’, click here )